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About Truqys Pets

Truqys Pets has emerged through the knowledge and a deep research of its founder on the need for innovative products with quality and advanced design for pets. With experience in management and development of previous companies in various departments he decided to gather his knowledge, experience and creative spirit to delevelop and launch products that meet the needs of the pets business world bringing beauty, practicality, handling, hygiene to consumers in this area.

The company was founded in 2011 and has the goal to develop products to meet the needs, preserve the comfort and safety of the pets and their owners.

Truqys Pets serves the whole country and is always looking for improvements along with its employees and partners about quality, service, commercial and environmental ethics.

Principles and Values


Offer high quality products, design and innovation for the welfare of the pet world with respect to the animals, the people and the environment conveying efficiency and ethics.


Be a company admired by our Customers and Partners for our quality, innovation and differentiated design of our products.


Honesty, transparency, respect and ethics in our products development for the pet world, with our employees, families and the society and always operating with a responsible social and environmental performance.


The company Truqys understands that the nature must be respected and protected. We all must contribute to its maintenance and balance.

We have been temporarily granted with natural treasures which gives us the responsibility to learn to conserve it in order to maintain a constant balance. By practicing that we and our pets will be able to enjoy everything with quality.

That is why Truqys does its job:

We only work with certified paper because preserving the nature is making the most of what we already have;

Our overdue and/or raw materials have their proper destination in accordance with the Health Service Waste Management Plan – HSWMP established by Anvisa;

All our garbage is also separated and destined to the selective collections in the days established by the municipal colletion.

We also recycle our ideas, actions, knowledges and techniques once we believe that in order to evolve the world we must follow the man and the science evolution as well.

Thus, Truqys understands that using natural resources is also taking care of the life of the planet.


We are always careful not to affect the nature so we perform preventive maintenance work on all our equipaments and vehicles. Periodically the equipaments and vehicles undergo rigorous maintenance processes and a wear control of parts avoiding any type of contamination of the environment.

Reviewed equipment provides no risk and prevents soil, water and air contamination.

In addition, we are always taking care of the garbage selective collection from all areas of the company.

You can contribute with us doing your part as well.

Thank you

Truqys Team